Library Science Concepts & Recent Topics of LIS

  1. Web Technology/Web Application/Web Technology Background
  2. RFID/Bar Code/ISBN/EAN/World Wide Web/URL/IPv4/IPv6/HTTP/IMAP/TCP/DNS
  3. FTP/DSL/Cloud computing/Proxy Server/Big Data/Firewall/Digital Divide/OSI
  4. Pop Up/SSL/Server/Gopher/WAIS/FOAP/Invisible College/Bulletin Board System
  5. CODEN/Market Segmentation/SRU/SRW/Z39.50/Z39.2/OWL/RDF/SPARQL/Ontology
  6. Semantic Web/ZING/Linked Open Data (LOD)

Designed & Maintained By: Sur Chandra Singha Updated: 27/08/2017
Copyright © 2017 Bibliophile Virtual Library


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